Reflections on the Week

Written Oct.19

I used this week to rest up before my big trip to Arequipa. Tuesday I went and taught how to make bracelets to the volunteers in their meeting and then had a nice evening at the school’s residence making and eating pancakes with some of my friends from Holland. I found out that in Holland they sprinkle their pancakes with sugar instead of pouring syrup on them. We put bacon, cheese, and apples in our pancakes as desired. It was nice to help with the cooking because at home I’m not really allowed to do anything with the food but eat it.

Last night (Thursday) I met up with three friends and we went to a mexican restaurant. Oddly enough we were all American, which almost never happens because most of the students in the school are European. After that I came home to study for my last Literature exam, which I took this morning. Being down here is finally teaching me how to study because with this material I need more than a quick review the morning of the test. Since I started studying for the tests, my grades have definitely gone up. We have been reading short stories and analyzing them- which is an amazing improvement over when I arrived. Nevertheless, I am definitely glad to have a week of vacation and a change in topic.

I will be spending my week of vacation in Chile. I will be taking a bus to Arequipa tonight and then down to Tacna and across the border! These are very long bus rides but I will have five of my friends with me so it won’t seem as long.


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